How It Works

Our tutoring activity takes place through the LearnCube virtual learning environment. The following video gives an overview of the LearnCube Online School Platform; you will walk through all the tools you’ll have at your disposal to help you learn on our online platform. Also take a look at the timeline below for further information.

Sign Up

Create your account by answering a few questions about your studies, school and goals. Your journey to academic success if officially underway!

Purchase Lesson Credits

Book one-off lessons as you go or take advantage of our curated lesson packs. You have a range of safe payment methods at your disposal.

Meet your tutor(s)

Browse through our team of pre-approved IB tutors by grade, subject or nationality. Examine their reviews and chat with them to determine if you are a good match.

Access the Calendar

On our LearnCube calendar, you can look at your upcoming lessons and allocate credits to a time that suits you and your tutor. It all happens online, at the touch of a button.

Get busy learning

This is where the fun officially starts – but don’t forget to work hard! Take advantage of our award-winning online learning environment to talk in HD, exchange files, write on a whiteboard and to use other functionality.

Re-watch your lessons

All of our lessons are conveniently recorded so that you can look back at what you’ve learnt, whenever you need, whether it's before an exam or to simply consolidate subject knowledge.

One-on-one online tutoring, tailored to your needs.

Talk Face-to-Face

HD live video connects you with your tutors, allowing for an in-person-like experience.

Share and Collaborate

On our LearnCube online platform, you can sketch, chat, cast your screen and share files: diagrams, past papers, essays, and other formats.

Re-watch your lessons

All your sessions are recorded, so that you can review them independently, whether you’re getting ready for that big test or simply preparing for another tutoring session.

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