Exceptional Tutors. Unparalleled Support. Tailored Lesson Plans. All designed with your success in mind!

With a premier network of IB and A-Levels Tutors at your disposal, trust that you will find the perfect match that will propel you to academic success. At Velasca, we focus on the IB and A-Levels, so you know we’re tried and tested, knowing the two programmes like the back of our hand.

Velasca only picks the best tutors

Tutors are screened to ensure they meet our highest standards. Only students who attained a top grade in their subjects can tutor you, so that you can learn from the best!

LearnCube Integration

With the LearnCube platform, you can talk, chat, share files and record sessions with your tutor, all in one place, wherever you are. This award-winning platform facilitates a smooth, in-person-like experience.

Subject Tutoring Lesson Packs

At Velasca, you can buy bundles of lessons – 5 or 10 at a time – for subject tutoring and IA/TOK/EE support. This means that your grades can improve dramatically, but you can forget dramatic pricing.


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Our Award-Winning Virtual Learning Environment brings the classroom directly to you.

Tutors bring their experience, tested knowledge and materials, while we equip them with a powerful suite of tools designed to deliver the best tutoring, wherever you are.

Record your Lessons

Record your tutoring sessions and review them at the touch of a button, whenever you please, to revise for an exam or simply consolidate what you’ve learnt.

One word: Collaboration

Draw, sketch, write, plot, edit and annotate in real time, directly with your tutor. Use our full range of teaching tools to maximise your learning experience.

Flexible Approach

Whether it’s mathematical formulae, chemical equations, or geographical maps, our virtual classroom will prove a premier backdrop to your learning experience.

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University Admissions

Need help with your university applications? Talk to tutors who successfully applied to your institution – they will assist you in successfully navigating the application process.

A wide range of subjects. Covered.

Our tutor talent pool is diverse and draws top-caliber IB/A-Levels graduates from all around the world, meaning that we are extremely well-equipped to mentor you in virtually all IB/A-Levels Subjects, whether you need help with classwork or exam prep.



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