About Us

Excellence - it's in our DNA.

Recognising the lack of a customisable, centralised and affordable tutoring solution for students facing the International Baccalaureate, Velasca Tutors was born with the mission of delivering academically rigorous tuition that meets the requirements of a demanding curriculum like that of the IB diploma.

At the core of our tutoring approach lies the unwavering belief that learning is deeply personal. Exemplary tutoring, therefore, must live up to this expectation, placing the student at the forefront of the experience by assessing their needs, tailoring lesson plans to their individual specifications and then ensuring that premier teaching be available whenever, wherever the tutee needs it. This is the unique formula which underpins tutoring at Velasca Tutors.

Velasca was founded by IB students, for IB students. It is impossible to ignore that high school education does not meet the needs of all: whether you require minor assistance on singular topics or thorough reviews of entire subjects, Velasca Tutors is equipped to help you succeed. Excellent students who have faced your exact current circumstances will guide you to academic success.

Why Velasca?

Rigorous recruitment process

Tutors face multiple stages of scrutiny when they apply to our organisation — this ensures they live up to our highest quality standards. In fact, only students who attained a level 7 can tutor in a subject!

Quality Assurance

By booking, revising, recording, chatting and sharing files entirely on our platform, we can ensure that your learning experience is on track, giving you peace of mind.

Success, at a click’s distance

You will have unparalleled control over your revisions sessions: all the action happens on our LearnCube platform, a proven medium for premium teaching.

Unrivalled Digital Presence.

The distinguishing feature which differentiates Velasca Tutors from its competitors is our reliance on proven, internationally-acclaimed online learning software for the entire tutoring experience, from booking your first lesson to actually talking to your tutor via video. It is virtually impossible to overstate how significant this is, as it allows unprecedented access to great teaching — wherever you are.

Thanks to our partnership with LearnCube, you will be able to browse our pool of tutors, eventually selecting the one who you believe will be your best match, based on their IB score, reviews, character traits and style of teaching. Once you’re in agreement with them, you can then access our online learning environment, where you can buy lesson packs, schedule multiple lessons in your calendar and begin your learning journey. Inside the classroom, you then can draw on a whiteboard, share files, chat, share your screen or simply talk on video. This revolutionary technology is a taste of what allows us to bring the classroom directly to you.

Your Velasca Journey at a Glance:

Sign Up

After signing up, you can browse our tutors, choosing the one that best suits you based on style of learning, language requirements, reviews etc. After you match, your learning experience is officially underway!

Online Classroom

Access the online classroom, where you can book lessons, check your calendar and chat with your tutors, all in one place. Remember that all lessons are recorded, which benefits you as a student and helps us uphold lesson quality.


Join your one-on-one lesson on our in-platform HD videochat, where a wide range of classroom tools will facilitate a thorough learning experience. This allows for in-person-like tutoring, wherever you and your tutor are.

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